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Web Developer

Web Developer is someone who is associated with making a website. A Web Developer creates web-based applications by using a programming language. The programming languages we use are PHP, JS, Java, HTML, CSS.

Web Design

Web Design aims to create websites or electronic documents and applications residing on a web server and display content and interactive interface features to end users in the form of Web pages. Like text elements, images (gif, jpeg) to be placed on the page using HTML / XHTML / XML tags. Displaying more complex media (vector graphics, animation, video, sound) requires plug-ins like Adobe Flash, QuickTime, Java run-time and others. Plug-ins are also inserted into web pages using HTML / XHTML tags.

Web Security

Web Security is a term for dealing with various attacks or attacks in internet technology or websites. The majority of web application attacks occur through cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection attacks which usually result from coding defects and we will anticipate all of these attacks.


  • 2018

    NET Code

    In the middle of 2018 was the beginning of the idea of the establishment of NET Code which was not originally worked on by Netmedia Framecode. At that time we were still dependent on scripts that we made ourselves. With the language we use, namely PHP and Mark Up HTML, the design uses CSS.

  • June 2019

    NET Code started online

    In June NET Code was successfully online to the internet to serve people. But at that time our website was not perfect and there were still many shortcomings, where there were pages that were not responsive. Our shortcomings at that time were responsive.

  • August 27 2019 - Now

    NET Code under Netmedia Framecode

    NET Code is currently experiencing continuous updates in stages. Netmedia Framecode was created by the founder of NET Code to assist NET Code in web development and responsive web design.

  • End of
    NET Code

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